We are a brand activation agency

Precision sets us free.

We’ve known for our execution abilities, and creativity.

Being obsessed with details and securing exact delivery gives us creative freedom in front of the clients and freedom to work how we want and where we want, being the persons we want to be. Creativity and freedom depend on the details.

No rules, just results.

We have never done anything the way it “always have been done”. We do what we need to do to get things done. Our way.

File under emotions.

We have always been unconventional and we are loved and appreciated for that. Our job is to activate and we do that by creating emotions, of any kind needed. We are not afraid to break rules, shock, scare, tickle, poke, or do whatever it takes to raise emotions and make people feel.

Trade Shows, Seminars and Hospitality

The bread and Butter.

We have been designing and creating global marketing, internal events, trade shows and hospitality services since day one. An event for us is typically a one-off encounter aimed to create maximum impact for a selected audience. We have the experience, the infrastructure and the creativity to make this happen.

Our events clients include:
SAP, World Design Capital, Nissan Nordic, Altia, Red Bull, Reitan Group (R-Kioski)

Promotions, Tours, 
Stunts, Integrated Solutions

Promotions as a Turn Key Service.

We truly know the value of maximising reach and exposure. Our people are a special breed, a mix between creative designer and coordinator. Our everyday job is to design and manage large-scale tours and promotions, both domestically and internationally.

A successful promotion or tour is a mix of creative planning, meticulously detailed project management and a wide, reliable network. Our promotions are always offered as a turn-key services. And we never drop the ball.

Retail Innovations & Design, 
In-Store Sampling

The moment of truth.

Some of the most impactful encounters are not always the ones with high volume, bells and whistles.

We believe the power of design creates high-impactful encounters. Sometimes a surrounding, a small visual detail or the ambience provokes us to buy or try.

Our long history of creating and producing for retail, Horeca and service sector give us the expertise you need.

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